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SPLC, MacArthur Justice Center, and Department of Public Safety Announce That Mississippi Will Reinstate Thousands of Driver’s Licenses Suspended for Failure to Pay Fines
The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) will reinstate the driver’s licenses of all Mississippi drivers whose licenses were suspended due to non-payment of fines, fees, or…
MacArthur Justice Center, SPLC Sue City of Corinth and Judge for Running Debtors’ Prison
The City of Corinth, Mississippi and Municipal Court Judge John C. Ross are operating a modern-day debtors’ prison, unlawfully jailing poor people for their inability to pay bail and fines,…
Split Mississippi Court Rejects Appeal Over Delayed Trial
Cliff Johnson weighs in on the Mississippi Supreme Court's rejection of the appeal of James Wesley Scott, who was had to wait for nearly five years between arrest and trial.

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